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There's nowt nicer than being out in't garden!

The weather in't allus sunny around our area, but that dunt stop us getting some fresh air. Having a champion summerhouse is ideal to enjoy your garden, whatever the weather.


We all have different ideas of what the perfect summerhouse is, but one thing we hear time and time again is that your summerhouse is your sanctuary - A place you can go to relax and unwind.


With that in mind we want to take away any stress or worry when it comes to planning and eventually ordering your summerhouse. 

We have an abundance of knowledge from our years of making summerhouses and from owning our own garden sanctuary!


Relax and let us do all the hard work

10x20ft Apex
16x10ft Combi

What's the price?

We're not daft! We know you want to know ow much our summerhouses are. It's not so easy to list all our possible prices. The truth of the matter is, we have so many options to choose from that don't have price lists at all.




We encourage originality and highly recommend a visit to view our buildings. You can have ANY size & ANY style to suit your garden.

We're just a phone call away for any questions you have. 

We have options!


Oh we do! From the windows to the roof style, you can customise your summerhouse to perfection, while we have done the research to ensure your summerhouse stands the northern weather.


Add a shed, a canopy or a veranda. 


Include as many, or as few, windows as you like. 


Don't like the full pane double doors, no problem, we can change them. 


And let's make sure it is the size you need or have space for because we can make to measure!

Have we mentioned? 

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